Our Story

On September 15, 1988, Eureka Study Club was organized under the supervision of Special District Deputy Grand Master Melvin Jenkins.  The principal officers were:  Norman Hill, Worshipful Master; Robert Cowan, Senior Warden; and Elvin Gray, Junior Warden.

January 1989, the study club was renamed SPANAWAY Lodge UD.

Elected Officers

Worshipful Master

AbdulMalik McHenry

Worshipful Master

I Govern the Lodge.


Eddie Oliver


Darren Courtney

P.M. Darren Courtney

2nd Year Trustee

Howard Strickland

Howard Strickland

Senior Warden

I Pay Wages.

Eddie Oliver

AhzariYah YasharAhla


Donnie McHerron

P.M. Donnie McHerron

1st Year Trustee

Tom Diaz

Tom Diaz

Junior Warden

I Call the Craft to Refreshment.

Willie Truett

P.M. Willie Truett

3rd Year Trustee

Appointed Officers

The strength of the Lodge.

Eddie Oliver

Darron Hooks

Sr. Deacon

Eddie Oliver

Marcos Jenkins

Sr. Stewart

Eddie Oliver

Josh Miranda


Eddie Oliver

Marco Jenkins

Jr. Deacon

Eddie Oliver

Semien Dilworth

Jr. Stewart

William Graham

William Graham


Eddie Oliver

RW Larry B. Opher


Byron Molette

PM Byron Molette


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